The Dandiest Lions



I needed to come off in order to find I should’ve stayed on. Who begins a sentence with a full stop?

But, yes, I mean who wants to sit with somebody who winds the noodles so tightly round their fork that they can barely get them off?

Noodles can be eaten freely with chop sticks, yep.

The moment I feel myself stopping talking, that is when I should spill over,

spill, spill, spill

I’m feeling better already

Felt good this morning..

. setting out on a walk from home, while other people were driving their mobile boxes of varying sizes to wherever they were going

my only wish is that I were free to go for a walk at eight more often.

I love to receive messages in secret code from all over the place, but then sometimes it all gets a little bit too loud and I have to switch off for a while.

I love it when people tell me I’m square for not playing along with their game, so then I can tell them to piss off, politely: language, sorry kids. But how cruel am I?

Loyalty, hmm, have much, but could be far more loyal to myself.

Alas, I must stop here for now before I get on to the topic of work, it comes somewhere within the loyalty section.

I’m sure I’ll regret this in the morning

but then again, maybe not.

Who begins a sentence with a full stop?

Now I’m going to try to find a photograph to go with it. I’m not finished yet

but I’ll hit the big green button anyway



Three Words Spoken In The Clearest Voice


Three words- small

I’m re-posting this photograph this morning after hearing some heartbreaking news which, for me, can only strengthen the sentiment. I don’t know the details of what happened but the upshot of it is that it has left a teenage girl, the same age as my daughter, in intensive care, severely knocked about. I can hardly bear to contemplate nor make sense of it. It’s thrilling to drive cars fast, but for the people’s sake, for the children’s sake, PLEASE take care.

I’m sending one ‘up there’ today, for her.

The Trees Have Ears









Upon deciding where to go for the afternoon yesterday, daylight beginning to fade, we visited a local ‘magical’ woodland; the wood that I visited so many times as a child, a regular haunt for Sunday family walks, summer picnics and paddles in the stream. Relatively small, it is absolutely packed with intrigue and has a kind of mystical air, and I almost found myself lost in my childhood once more revisiting the place.

© Copyright Louise Astbury 2014. Moral rights asserted.

As You Are











Mothers -007



Mothers -008












Photographs: Copyright © Louise Astbury 2013. Moral rights asserted.

It’s been a mixed few weeks, with celebrations, farewells, tensions, uncertainty and evermore packed from dawn ’til dusk with more to do than I have energy for. I made space today to edit the photographs I’ve made over the last few weeks and to listen to some quiet music in an attempt to slow my mind down and help me touch base. I think it’s worked?

About Him- Book

My work is intended to depict, on the surface, the mundanities of everyday family life beneath which lie messages of the long-term tensions, emotion, closeness, strength and hope for the future after the departure of a family member.

With 43 images included, the book is an important part of the project, here are a few pages.


© Louise Astbury 2012. Moral rights asserted.

I am showing this work as part of a collective degree show at Cube Gallery, Manchester 26th June – 2nd July, evening showing tonight (28th June) 6-9pm. I have a series of twelve prints and a book to show.

Louise Astbury
















© Louise Astbury, 2012. Moral Rights Asserted.

The project is a personal, reflective diary of life at present and my feelings about coming from a frequently turbulent relationship; frustrations, thoughts, soul searching and the reality of being thrust into single parenthood. Troubles continuing, there has been the need for setting boundaries for the care of my girls and my own ‘self’, to know and keep the truth in my own mind and ultimately keep our family’s life moving in a positive direction.

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